Dette is amazing. She is thorough, caring and very knowledgeable in her field. I would recommend her to my closest friends and family. She not only goes above and beyond her job, but she genuinely cares about her patients and longs to see them recover and heal.



Dette is a gifted healer who is able to not only integrate research and science from the field of traditional Western medicine, but also brings a powerfully intuitive and esoteric healing presence to her work with others. Dette is a holistic and multidimensional health advocate who has a keen ability to assess health concerns and utilizes natural approaches to help her clients uncover their innate well being. Dette has particular insight for helping people who may experience complex symptoms that seem to defy diagnosis from traditional health practitioners. As a health advocate, Dette can provide information, education, guidance, and consultation to support clients in finding healing systems that best fit their unique needs. Her out-of-the-box brilliance and unconventional style evokes a sense of a modern-day shaman. She is able to “get in” and work with people in a profound way that shifts energy and brings vitality through use of natural systems approaches and bioenergetics. Her compassion and intensity for bringing well being to others is a deep calling where she brings her innate talents and tremendous gifts.



When I first came to Avalon Health & Wellness, I was really unsure as to what I was in store for, I had seen countless doctors and physicians that all claimed themselves as "functional medicine" doctors, but they didn't really know how to piece things together and look at the overall picture. I would see an allergist that would focus on allergies from a functional medicine standpoint, which leaves out a lot of other possibilities that could have been the root cause to my downward spiral of health. After one consult with Dette I knew I had found the right practitioner because she was able to piece things together from a much bigger picture, starting with lab work, symptomatology, and asking the right questions, but most of all, LISTENING to the patient! I would highly recommend Avalon Health & Wellness to anyone looking to prevent any future health issues in a natural, gentle way. Thank you!!!



Dette Avalon is an amazing practitioner on so many levels. Let me just highlight a few. First, her passion for learning and observing is unlimited. And she is such a good teacher. She combines these traits with patience and compassion. In combination these qualities make for a tremendously knowledgeable, caring provider who inspires trust and gets me to have more faith in my capacity to heal.



My father was a Family Practice Doctor. He was known for his high ethical standards and patient-centered care. He was regarded as an excellent diagnostician and compassionate medical provider. He listened intently to his patients to gain information necessary to arrive at accurate diagnoses so he could provide appropriate medical treatment and a high standard of care. At age 89, he is still known, respected and appreciated by countless individuals in the community who received his care throughout his many years of practice. As a result, I grew up with and continue to have high standards for and high expectations of medical providers. The medical care I received from Dette Avalon, Family Nurse Practitioner, met and exceeded my standards and expectations. Prior to my appointment with Dette, my health had been declining for several years, despite my best efforts to comply with the recommendations and treatment plans of the medical providers I’d chosen.

After my appointment with Dette, I realized why my health had not improved. No other medical provider had properly diagnosed me, nor given me the appropriate treatment to effectively address my health challenges. She listened to me, ordered appropriate tests to obtain the additional information she needed, researched pertinent information as it applied to my situation and recommended appropriate treatment that began to quickly result in signs of improvement in my health. I credit her with facilitating my ability to restore my health, regain functional capacities, and find hope again for the future.

Dette is the kind of medical provider that the world needs more of! I now understand first hand why so many of my Father’s former patients still respect, appreciate and express their gratitude to him. I hold Dette’s skills as a Family Nurse Practitioner in the same high regard and give her my highest professional recommendation. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me the treatment, tools and information needed to turn my health around for the better. The improvements I’ve experienced in my health since receiving medical care from Dette has changed the course of my life from one of insidious, yet steady decline, deterioration and debilitation to measurable increases in my functional capacities, my health, vitality and hope for a promising future.